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The Feels S2 Ep. 12: Sheed with the Weed, Social Equity Advocate

 July 01, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Sheed with the Weed to hear about his journey with cannabis before it was legal and what he’s doing now to advocate for social equity in the industry. Recorded live on 6/27/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Chatting about Value
11:42 Welcome & News
14:36 What's hustle mean to you?
18:04 9 Years in Jail for Cannabis
22:22 Moving to STL
23:33 Flipping Homes with Hempcrete
25:47 What are your plans for the 8 LRA plots you purchased?
26:52 Hemp means Agricultural Wealth
28:05 Do you reach out to farmers?
29:23 Did you try to get a MO license?
30:22 Is the Missouri cannabis industry sustainable?
31:12 Sheed's Gooey Butter Cake Cannabis
34:15 What can be done for social equity?
36:08 Sheed's Upcoming Events
39:00 How do you differentiate yourself?
40:30 Questions from the Audience
41:06 What can we do to support equity?
43:43 Gratitude for Season 2 Supporters
44:30 Season 3 Plans

Our favorite quote from Sheed with the Weed's interview about advocating for social equity:

Jeff (18:12): 20 years ago you got busted in New Jersey for 6.5 ounces and you ended up doing 9 years in jail. Was that hustling or did you get busted with your own stash?

Sheed: Well actually, truth be told with statute of limitations and all that, I did my It wasn't even mine. It was somebody else's, but where I'm from, I can't tattle that it's somebody else's because I live a certain way and this is what you sign up for when you come from where we come from, if you live by those principles. So I had to let it run its I'm just really guilty of being loyal.

Jeff (34:16): In your experience out there selling yourself to people, saying you've proven yourself, what kind of experience have you had with major brands in social equity.

Sheed: Well, they did a story on me on Greenway Magazine, and that's what the story was about. They featured me, it's called Social Equity and Beyond...

Jeff: Do you think more needs to be done?

Sheed: No!

Jeff: What more needs to be done? What would you like to see done?

Sheed: You're doing it! Kris is doing it! Ya'll are doing it more than anybody because why? I'm sitting here with you. So you just broke the ice.

Jeff: So if more people started doing what we're doing...

Sheed: You're giving opportunity, man. You're showing that you care. You're opening it up. It's a compassion thing also. So what I'm supposed to just be the scarred guy who goes to prison and all this while everybody else just has a party and gets good high and it's all good for you — but what about us? Like seriously?

Jeff: Cannabis, and I've always thought this, is the greatest socio-economic equalizer that has ever existed.

Sheed: You show up with good weed, it's a great time!

Jeff: And you make friends for life.

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