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The Feels S2 Ep. 11: Embleu, Co-Owner of HUSTL3 C1T4

 June 24, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Embleu, the Co-Owner of HUSTL3 C1T4, as they chat about all things STL cannabis and fashion. Recorded live on 6/20/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Chatting
2:57 Welcome & News
4:35 How did HUSTL3 C1T4 begin?
5:34 Who's in the business?
6:14 Who gives you inspiration?
7:57 How much French influence is in your brand?
8:38 What do you look for in a fabric?
9:32 What mediums do you enjoy?
10:38 What are top 5 things you love about STL?
11:28 The Feel State Collaboration
12:28 What are the hidden gems of STL?
11:42 STL's Cannabis History
14:11 Where does cannabis fit into your life?
11:34 What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?
18:21 What headspace do you create from?
19:05 What's a surprising place you drew inspiration from?
21:48 Are there plans for a fashion show?
22:22 Thoughts from the Audience
23:05 What's next?

Our favorite quote from Embleu's interview about HUSTL3 C1T4:

Jeff (18:21): What kind of mood do you have to be in to create?

Embleu: I just don't need the outside noise. A lot goes into running a store these days; I'm also a dad of a 3-year-old. So that's a lot of mental space right there. I just want to be able to concentrate; that's all I need. Because even when I'm not necessarily designing, I'm always looking at something related to fashion and pulling inspiration from somewhere. Or like I said, from day-to-day at the store — even if I wanted to take a break, I can't, because I'm within that store process of the day-to-day process — but that's fashion, I'm always kind of in the mode.

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