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The Feels S2 Ep. 10: Tyler Hannegan, Co-Owner of Robust & Feel State Florissant Dispensary

,  June 17, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Tyler Hannegan, the Co-Owner of Robust Cannabis and Feel State Florissant Dispensary. Get a peek behind the curtain of what it’s really like to own a vertically integrated operation and how this team is doing things in the Missouri Cannabis industry differently. Recorded live on 6/13/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Chit Chatting
2:40 Welcome & News
4:55 What'd you do before Robust?
6:14 What made you transition to cannabis?
7:44 What Missouri means to us
9:25 How do you juggle a vertically integrated facility?
11:21 Tell us about your organic grow facility, Robust
14:59 Why use organic living soil?
17:32 How many harvests have you had so far?
19:14 What products can we expect from Robust?
21:38: Why the name Chanel 5 for your first flower?
23:27 How do you protect the plants from outside environment?
26:43 Are you going to use glass tips for your pre-rolls?

Our favorite quote from Tyler Hannegan's interview about Robust Cannabis and Feel State Florissant:

Jeff: (11:21) Most of our viewers are familiar with our dispensary here, we have lots of regular, wonderful patients here. But they may not be aware of the grow facility that Robust has going on down in Cuba, Missouri. What can you tell me about that?

Tyler: I can say that we've been creeping in the night for a while. We've been very quiet, waiting for this exact time to enter the marketplace. We are very proud of the flower we are putting out there, and I think it's kind of truly embodies what we have at our facility that's allowing us to do that. I can put my name behind our flower, our brand, and any brand that is, because the communication styles. We ARE natural, we ARE organic, and we ARE sustainable. Those three things embody all of Robust.

Tyler: What we've been working on down in Robust is out of a 74,000 square foot state-of-the-art positive pressure greenhouse. We use living soil, we are also blessed to be Certified Kind and Clean Green, all certifications we've been working through and not mandated — but we WANTED to. So we're the only Certified Kind facility in Missouri.

Jeff: Why don't you get government certification?

Tyler: The reason is, some of the federal regulations around cannabis — you might have heard of them — but they can't call anything organic just yet. So there are large, heavy fines by claiming you're organic. The biggest thing is we have organic operations. So we won't claim that the product is 100% organic because we can't put that on the packaging. We DO have sustainable, organic processes that have been certified by a governing body of Certified Kind designation that has come out and seen all our closed-loop systems that indeed turns to them and shows we are operating sustainably and organically.

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