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The Feels S2 Ep. 05: Nick Pride, Owner & Creator Gramify App

 May 06, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Nick Pride, the Owner and Creator of the Gramify App — the first app that allows Missouri MMJ patients to track their monthly cannabis allotment. Recorded live on 5/2/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Childhood Memories
3:32 Welcome & Updates
5:27 Introducing Nick Pride
8:07 The Process of Creating an App
10:54 Gramify's Conception
12:48 Touring The Gramify App
16:57 HIPAA Laws & Cannabis
18:19 Who's on your team?
18:50 How can MO's cannabis program improve?
20:46 Nick's Cannabis Journey
22:35 What's the future of Gramify?

Our favorite quote from Nick Pride's interview about his cannabis allotment-tracking app, Gramify:

Jeff: Is Gramify your first app?
Nick: "Gramify is my first app. I like to say it's like my third child. It was an idea that was conceived in the shower. As soon as I thought about it, it was like a little lightning bolt. I got out the shower and ran, my wife's like 'What's going on?!' I'm like, 'I got to write this down real quick." You know, I did not want to lose that opportunity. So yeah, this is my first app. Very excited about it."

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