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The Feels S2 Ep. 04: OThaGreat, Host of High Off Tha Glass Podcast

 April 29, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with OThaGreat, host of High Off Tha Glass podcast — recorded live on 4/25/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Hanging Out
3:05 Welcome & News
5:15 Introducing O
5:57 God, Family and Sports
7:35 O's Time at ESPN
9:37 When did you integrate cannabis and public speaking?
11:06 How do you choose podcast guests?
12:29 How do you draw a good convo out of a guest?
13:16 Will STL ever have an NBA team?
16:42 Are sports doing enough to destigmatize cannabis?
19:24 Do you think cannabis is a performance-enhancing drug?
20:52 What was your first experience with cannabis?
22:31 How do you incorporate cannabis into your life now?
24:46 Did your habits change when MO went legal?
27:15 How do you want to see the cannabis industry improve?
27:32 Get your card through MMJ Recs on our site
30:15 Where can we find your podcast?

Our favorite quote from OThaGreat's interview about his cannabis and basketball podcast:

Jeff: Are professional sports doing enough to destigmatize cannabis or do they need to be doing more?

O: They need to do more. The only league, like always, because they're the most progressive league, is the MVA. The MVA is the only one that is taking the steps to fully do it. I think baseball, Major League Baseball, might be doing the same thing. But the MVA has literally not tested and they haven't made a big deal about it...they just said we don't test for it, don't worry about it. The NFL, you know... 'we brought it down, da-da-da' — no, just eliminate it all the way. And that's where the most people need it. With the recovery that those athletes need. It's a damn shame. This is why I like and hate football, the NFL, at the same time: you can really expect grown men to play a game on Monday night, and then turn around a play a game three days later on Thursday with maybe 2 days of rest because you have to travel to where you're going. Like that's what you expect. And then you expect them to play at a professional level. That's why those Thursday night games are trash. Those teams are wiped; they have nothing to give on Thursday. I hate that they even extended the league a whole 'nother week because all it's going to do is just tear their bodies up more. So for a sport that tears your body up more than any other, even more than hockey, you won't let them give them something that will literally help them, at home, recover? You want them to take an opioid?

Jeff: But is it because they think cannabis is a performance-enhancing drug?

O: No, I think they think it messes with the players mentally, and if they take too much of it, they won't remember plays. I think it's something just as stupid as that.

Jeff: Do you think it's a performance-enhancing drug?

O: No, not at all. I think it's a medicine that can help players recover. That's literally why professional athletes have been using it for years.

Jeff: But if you can smoke a joint prior to a game to help you manage the pain, playing through pain is part of the game...if you're taking something ahead of time to help you manage that pain, isn't that performance enhancing?

O: Well, I mean, what's worse: a player smoking a joint or them getting a shot of toradol? Because toradol will take away everything. You won't feel a damn thing, and you'll be good to go for 3-4 hours, and next thing you know, that night, you're waking up in the middle of the night because your body is just eff'd, you know? Your extremities are done, like you need your wife. I've heard so many...talked about this in the middle of the night during the NBA, I think it was the Eastern conference finals or the NBA finals, having to call the team doctor because he didn't know what the hell was going on with his body, he was just freaking out because he was in so much pain. But if they really think that cannabis is an enhancement, then stop giving them all those pain pills and all those needles to shoot them up, just to play on Sunday or Monday or Thursday. And then players play every damn day in the spring and summer so, whew!

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