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The Feels Season 2, Ep. 03: Nick Wegman

,  April 22, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Nick Wegman, who is the General Manager at Feel State Florissant, about his extensive volunteer history in the community and his own journey with cannabis. Recorded live on 4/18/22.

0:00 Welcome & 4/20
2:13 Why does everyone know who you are?
3:03 What organizations have you worked with?
3:40 Why Nick Volunteers
5:50 Nick's Cannabis Journey
8:45 Cannabis with Marriage and Kids
10:54 Sativa & Indica are Flipped for Nick
13:29 How have you seen cannabis help others?
16:58 What are the challenges of managing a dispensary?
18:35 What are you most proud of at Feel State?
19:20 How Nick helps Feel State Give Back

Our favorite quote from Kevin Wegman's interview:

Jeff: "One of the things we preach here at Feel State is that cannabis can affect everyone differently. For example, for you, a traditionally uplifting chemovar leaves you nice and relaxed and wanting to watch TV on the couch, but a more traditionally relaxing chemovar leaves you wanting to clean the house and clean under the couch."

Nick: "Correct, yeah it's totally flipped. My program is different. Same way with stimulants such as coffee, or Red Bull, or caffeine, slow my brain process down. And I've found that traditional sativa's quote on quote 'branding' tend to make me more lethargic, more relaxed, more comfortable — I think it just kind of has that different effect on me. But come to find out that it's not necessarily the indicas or sativas that are treating me nice, it's the terpene combinations within those buds. And I had truly no idea what I was smoking for years until I got to the dispensary. And one of the unique, I say this all the time, a very unique opportunity for me is that I have tried, 100% true have tried, probably upwards of 200 different chemovars that have been tested and certified good-to-go. And to be able to have that ability, I've been able to narrow down what works best for me. And gaining the knowledge of terpenes, I've figured out what combination of terpenes suits me the best."

Jeff: "And what combination is that?"

Nick: "For me, it's low-THC. I mean, the THC-chasers out there: I'm sorry to tell you, absolute myth. In Missouri, there's a little bit of wiggle room on THC testing. So a 15% may be a 10%, may be a 30% — we don't really look for that, we don't really promote that — I don't promote that. I use the old smeller, come to find out I really enjoy limonene. Any flower with limonene as its prime terp will treat me really well. I like nerilidol. Big fan of caryophyllene. But I have to say that limonene is my number one terpene, for sure."

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