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How to Safely Medicate with Weed and Still Be a Good Parent

 August 04, 2022  Written by Kim Westerhold
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Having a baby doesn't mean you can't still smoke weed — it just means you might need to take more preventative actions to smoke safely.

So, you had a baby — a life-altering moment, right?

You’re now responsible for a whole other being and keeping them safe. Your head floods with questions. Are they eating enough? Did I do that right? Are they comfortable? Can they breathe? Are they even breathing? (*Gently pokes baby to make sure they’re alive.)

The questions are never-ending and your mind is constantly moving. You worry so much because you love them with every inch of yourself and, after all, they’re an extension of you.

Becoming a parent forever changes you. But that doesn't mean you have to stop smoking weed.

You’re no longer the person you once were and you now have new shoes to fill. Your life will never be the same. But just because your life has changed doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your old life completely — you’re still you, just a new and evolved you. A little less freedom sure, but all the new love makes up for that.

Being a new parent can also be stressful. You have to set up boundaries and be okay with asking for help and taking those breaks when you get them. Before having kids, one of the ways I enjoyed myself was by indulging in a fat blunt after a hard day. So why did that have to change just because I was now a mom?

You can still enjoy the things you used to do before becoming a parent with just a little more planning. One of the worries I had as a new mom was that I didn’t want my kids to inhale or smell any weed, especially when they were newborns.

Smoke can cling to an array of things like clothes, furniture, carpets, and car interiors just to name a few. I didn’t want to come back from a smoke sesh smelling like weed, so I thought of a few ways that I could eliminate the odor and get back to kissing on my babies.

How I keep my kids safe and still smoke weed

First of all, I don’t consume inside my home; I utilize my garage for a smoke spot.

However, my oldest who is almost 10 can easily open the toddler-proof door, so I set boundaries with her. While I’m out there, she knows she needs to knock first before entering.

Second, when heading into the garage for my mommy break, I always throw on my “smoke hoodie.”

The name speaks for itself — I put it on over my clothes so that way I don’t come back in smelling like weed — only my hoodie does. I can easily take it off as I’m walking in and hang it by the door. I also always make sure my hair is pulled back, so it has much less smoke exposure.

Finally, when I'm finished, I go straight to wash my hands to make sure I don’t have any medicine sticking to them and ensure I don’t get it on my kids. Taking these steps makes me feel a lot more confident handling my kids after my me time.

Choose your consumption method wisely

While smoking is my preferred method of medicating, I also occasionally enjoy an edible, which can be a bit trickier when it comes to predicting effects. Since everyone processes THC differently, a small amount for some will do just fine while others will take a much higher dose to feel the effects (it’s why you always start low!).

For me personally, I don’t need much. I instead tend to choose to take edibles when my husband is home so that if I need to go lie down, he is able to take care of the kids with no problem. Having a plan is super effective in case you accidentally get too high and need to regroup.

Store your weed away from your kids' reach

When you have kids, you want to make sure you keep your products up and out of reach from those little hands. I recommend getting a box to store your weed — preferably with a lock. If you can, find a place high enough and out of sight. I try to get a plain ole’ nothing special to look at type of box. The less exciting and inviting it looks, the less likely your kiddos are going to want to explore it.

And with edibles, every package is marked that it contains THC. Point those symbols out and set that boundary. “You see this symbol? That means adult consumption only, and although it looks like candy, it's medicine.” That simple, boundary set. Being honest with your kids will also help establish trust and a great bond.

My oldest is very aware of my cannabis use, but I don’t make a big deal about it.

I don’t see it being any different than someone popping open a beer in front of their kids or having a glass of wine with dinner.

This is something as an adult I can do and she cannot.

That being said, I do want my kids to feel like they can come talk to me if they have questions and I will be open with them when answering. Education is the best way in my opinion to keep my kids safe from accidental weed consumption. Every family is different and may do things differently, but these are the things that have worked for me.

You can still be a good parent while having fun and enjoying the benefits of weed. Just like any other pharmaceutical drug or medication, practicing smart and sensible habits will help keep your kids safe.

Keep your weed in a safe space away from those tiny hands and talk to your kids about why this isn’t for them. When you consume responsibly, you reduce the risks of any accidents happening. Happy medicating to all my parents out there and I hope this helped!

Learn more about Kim Westerhold on the St. Louis Cannamoms website

Please note that this blog is not to be considered medical advice. Always consult your physician for more information and/or questions related to your specific medical history.

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