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The Feels S3 Ep. 1: Building a Dispensary for Everyone with Mitch Greene, Feel State Dispensaries

,  September 12, 2022  Written by Kristen Williams
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Jeff Rowse talks with Feel State Co-Owner Mitch Greene

Join Jeff Rowse for his conversation with Feel State Co-Owner Mitch Greene about the origin of Feel State Dispensaries, his experiences in the cannabis industry before Feel State, and what he does at Robust Cannabis as their Director of Post-Harvest and Sales.

This episode kicks off our third season of The Feels. We loved live streaming seasons one and two, but we're excited to switch things up for this next chapter! Shout out to Utopia Experience for letting us record (and sesh!) at their studio in St. Louis, Missouri.

You can now listen to The Feels on major podcast platforms!

That's right! If you prefer to listen to this episode, head over to Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Amazon Music to tune into our show.

Here's an outline of what Mitch and Jeff discuss during this show:

0:00 Welcome
0:50 Introducing Mitch Greene
1:48 The origin of Feel State
4:52 How a friend getting arrested changed things
7:09 Experiences in other legal markets
9:20 Brands before Feel State
12:02 Building the Feel State Dispensary brand
15:08 Feel State's core values
16:09 What's your criteria for choosing flower to carry in-store?
18:38 Choosing Robust flower for patients vs manufacturing
21:02 Genotype vs phenotype in cannabis
21:30 Why did Robust decide to grow from seed instead of clone?
22:56 What's harvest day look like at Robust?
26:51 Cracking stems to determine readiness
28:35 Closing remarks & thanks

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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