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Lighting Up With Hemp Wick

,  December 22, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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If you’re a fan of our videos (and we trust that you are!), you may know that we’ve talked about hemp wick before (as seen by clicking here!). Nevertheless, since we think it’s a neat product, we thought we’d put the old fingers to the keyboard and talk about it in a quick blog, too!

What is hemp wick?

It’s a pretty simple product made from hemp fiber that’s been dipped in beeswax. Designed to burn slowly, it typically is used to light a bowl or joint.  

How to use hemp wick

Again, not much to it! One merely lights the hemp wick with a traditional match or lighter and then uses it to light the bowl or joint.

Why use hemp wick?

Here is where hemp wick really shines! When using a traditional lighter, the flame that is produced contains residual butane and some other not so good for us stuff, which we then inhale. By going with the all-natural hemp wick, you can avoid filling your body with things it probably doesn’t really want. Furthermore, it allows you to better control the flame to help maximize the flavor of the flower in your bowl (as we talked about in our spoon pipe post here!).

Some other considerations

Since hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a lighter (and there are no chemicals), there is a better chance that the flavor of your cannabis flower (i.e. terpenes) will really come though (and isn’t that part of enjoying your cannabis experience?!). Additionally, being an all-natural product, it provides some benefits from a sustainability standpoint in that there is very little waste. 


Hemp wick is a great (and underrated) product. If you want to pick some up, odds are you can find it at your local head shop or you can get it online. 

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