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My Spoon Pipe - An Old Friend

 December 02, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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Raise your hand if your first cannabis experience involved using one of these little contraptions “technically” known as a spoon pipe?! You’re definitely not alone if you did. Spoon pipes are one of the most common cannabis accessories for both beginners and experienced users. They are simple, easy to use, and widely available (oftentimes, they are labeled as “tobacco pipes”, but let’s be honest here…).

What is a spoon pipe?

Usually made of glass, spoon pipes have a bowl (an area to place flower in) and an airtight channel that allows for the smoke and air to come through to the mouthpiece. Additionally, many tend to have a second opening (known as a carb) that is used to help regulate airflow. Regardless of which kind you have, as long as it has the first two components then you are good to go!

How to use a spoon pipe

It’s very simple! At bare minimum, all you need is the pipe, some flower, and a lighter. Now, for a little more “refined” experience, using a grinder (click here to see our previous blog!), hemp wick (our Youtube page has you covered by clicking here!), and/or a pipe screen can also be incorporated.

No matter how you choose to consume, dried flower is packed into the bowl and a flame is placed directly on to it. Then you simply inhale and enjoy! However, if your spoon pipe has a carb, then you would inhale the smoke into the chamber before removing your finger from the carb, thereby allowing you to inhale additional smoke. 

How to clean a spoon pipe

For the best experience, it’s a great idea to keep your pipe clean using isopropyl alcohol (once again, our Youtube page has you covered by clicking here!).

Some professional tips

Generally speaking, it’s best practice to only light a small corner of the visible cannabis. This will allow you (and others you share with - when it’s safe to do so again) to enjoy the flavor of the flower longer without creating a whole bunch of ash.

Now, if the flower is lit and burning nicely (known as “cherried”), there is no need to light it again before taking another hit. If you’re sharing the bowl with others (again, when it’s safe to do so), make sure to let them know it is cherried so they can keep the magic going!

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