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Welcome to Feel State Colorado Springs!

 March 07, 2024  Written by Feel State
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Here we go! Feel State is thrilled to announce that we have officially entered the Colorado Springs medical marijuana market through a new partnership with the amazing team at Naturaleaf!

How did Feel State connect with Naturaleaf?

Not to sound cliché, but as they say, everything good takes time, and this is no exception. 

Years before Feel State was established (and before most legal cannabis markets were even in existence), one of our co-founders, Corey Rimmel, reached out to an established cannabis consultant, Ellis Smith, to pick his brain about the up and coming industry. While nothing immediately manifested from that initial conversation, little did we know the power of the seed that was planted.

Ellis is now the current owner of Naturaleaf, a Colorado-based company that cultivates Clean Green Certified cannabis and has two dispensary locations in Colorado Springs. When Ellis and Corey reconnected last year, their conversation landed on Feel State — and we all saw an opportunity to finally work together after all these years! It really goes to show that you never know how who you meet and how you treat people today will impact you down the road. 

Embracing the past for a brighter future

Naturaleaf’s two dispensaries, one in North Colorado Springs and the other in South Colorado Springs, have been proudly serving medical marijuana patients since 2010 — and in cannabis time, that is truly an eternity! This is in no small part due to commitment to providing a high level of service to their patients.

At Feel State, our mission is to support independently owned dispensaries in providing the best possible experience for all those who visit. From the ability to place orders online to educational materials that help patients find what’s truly best for them, we are passionate about building authentic connections and community through cannabis. 

This means that we are not looking to reinvent Naturaleaf’s wheel, but to simply make Naturaleaf’s already-established wheel spin a bit faster — and bring some of that Feel State Florissant magic out West!

Running a dispensary is no easy task, so our hope is that by adding some additional resources to Naturaleaf’s retail operations, we can free up some brain space for their leadership team to focus on what they do best: Growing amazing, high quality cannabis for you.

At the end of the day, the things that made Naturaleaf great aren’t going anywhere. We’re just here to infuse some Feel State energy and excitement so that more people can know how great Naturaleaf’s people and products truly are! 

When can I visit?

We would love to welcome everyone, but Colorado Springs still only allows for medical marijuana sales for those with a valid Colorado medical marijuana card (sorry to all of our Missouri friends). If you are a Colorado resident and are interested in getting your medical cannabis card, here are some places we recommend you check out:

Once you have your Colorado medical marijuana card and for those already with a valid card, we invite you to check out our menus, place an order, and then come say hi!

Feel State Medical Marijuana Dispensary - North

Feel State Medical Marijuana Dispensary - South

Thank you very much to the Naturaleaf team, the wonderful Colorado medical marijuana patients, and the Colorado Springs community for the opportunity to grow with you. We are so excited to see what we can do together!

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