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We Are Feel State

,  April 14, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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Feel State is a dispensary brand built upon helping better connect individuals to themselves, each other, and their communities through the use of cannabis. Having never quite found a dispensary experience that truly resonated with us, we were born out of a desire to create something a bit different.

Our motivation is rooted in creating a welcoming and approachable place where individuals feel safe and comfortable knowing that they are making smart and informed decisions when it comes to obtaining high quality cannabis products.

The driving force behind this is not simply to sell cannabis. Rather it is to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with all of those we interact with: guests, team members, and the general public. This will be done in conjunction with us ensuring we are providing correct, essential knowledge as it relates to cannabis (whether individuals consume the product or not).

Everything we do is (and will be) guided by our core values of why we exist (check these out on our home page!).

Through constantly analyzing and utilizing best practices from inside and outside of the cannabis industry, we will continuously work to enhance the dispensary experience so that we can further promote what we believe is truly important in life: our guests, our team members, our communities, and our interpersonal relationships.

Welcome to Feel State.

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