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The Feels S2 Ep. 07: Stacy Godlewski, Director of SLU’s CSO Program

 May 20, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Stacy Godlewski, the Director of SLU’s Cannabis Science & Operations Program — yes, you heard that right: St. Louis University now offers a CANNABIS program! Recorded live on 5/16/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Chatting
1:12 Welcome & News
3:45 Introducing Stacy & the CSO Program
5:14 Cannabis for a Jesuit School
7:14 Stacy's Cannabis Journey
10:16 Comparing SLU's CSO to Other Programs
11:33 About SLU's CSO Program
14:41 How many graduates per year?
15:49 How Jeff Got Involved
17:22 Feel State on the Board of Directors
19:30 Job Placement Assistance
21:04 SLU's New Graduate Program

Our favorite quote from Stacy Godlewski's interview about SLU's Cannabis Science and Operations:

Jeff: Please, tell me about the new graduate program.
Stacy: We launched that this January. You do have to have a Bachelor's Degree, in any area of education, to come to that program. It's geared more towards your doctors, your nurses, your social workers, law enforcement. People who deal with folks who self-medicate with this to understand the medical benefits of it. We need the healthcare industry to know more about this. We have an aging population. And they're going to be going into their doctors' and saying, "Hey, I have arthritis, but you know what helps me is when I take medical cannabis. The pill you gave me...I don't know if it's helping so much." And there's a disconnect. Because the doctors can't speak to why it's helping. So that is a 12 credit hour program. But again, undergraduate degree; it doesn't have to be in science or chemistry, just an undergraduate degree. We're teaming up with the nursing school; there are a lot of nurse practitioners who want to know about it as well."


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