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The Feels Ep. 08: Cannabis Etiquette

 February 26, 2022  Written by David Melnick
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Dr. Bex and Jeff go over cannabis etiquette — everything from which direction to pass a joint to hosting a sesh — at Feel State Florissant, recorded live on 12/20/21.

0:00 Getting Settled
1:04 Smoking with the Grinch
6:55 Welcome!
7:15 What is etiquette?
7:26 Introducing Cannabis Etiquette
7:50 Old School Cannabis Etiquette
8:01 Puff, Puff, Pass
8:42 Pass the Dutchie 'pon the Left Hand Side
9:14 Don't Bogart!
9:32 Don't slobber on the joint
9:50 Ladies, watch your lipstick
10:30 Sick? Don't sesh — period!
10:53 New Products
11:32 About Geraniol — a delicious terpene!
11:53 What's a cannabis "sesh"?
12:04 Let a sesh newbie know what's up
12:15 New? Get a sesh buddy
12:30 Etiquette for Hosting a Sesh
13:41 Sharing is Key in Cannabis
14:16 BYOB: Bring Your Own Bud
14:31 Homegrow Giveaway!
15:08 Going Off-Script with Lizzie Post's book Higher Etiquette
15:46 Cornering the Bowl
16:17 Always Ask if Someone Wants the Roach
16:42 Adult vs Medical Use
17:06 Don't Smoke Around a Cop
17:21 Think Before Smoking Around Children
18:51 Cannabis & Pregnancy Etiquette
19:46 No Peer Pressure!
19:40 Keep an Eye on the Novice
12:25 You CAN say no
22:03 Always Praise a Friend's Homegrown Cannabis
22:50 Dear Non-Consumers: Don't Hate on Our Sesh
22:14 What's it mean to "canoe" a joint?
25:00 Ash Before you Pass
25:32 Don't grind your Roach
26:28 Keep your Equipment Clean
27:34 Cleaning with Alcohol
28:17 Don't Pass a Bong with Stale Smoke
28:42 How to Smoke Cannabis at a Concert
30:14 Know your Tolerance
31:26 Label your Homemade Edibles
32:36 Is it rude to refuse a joint?
34:16 Don't pinch your friends' weed
35:35 Don't Eat and Toke
35:57 Don't Get your Pets High

Prefer to read this conversation about cannabis etiquette? Check out the transcript below!

JEFF: Good evening everyone and welcome to Episode eight of The Feels. Every Monday round this time, Dr. Bex and I discuss another cannabis related topic. Today’s topic: Etiquette.

The dictionary definition of etiquette is “the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group”.

BEX: When it comes to cannabis, the etiquette is real. There are behaviors that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are new behaviors to consider as cannabis consumption becomes the norm. Since cannabis levels the playing field and reminds us that we are, after all, sharing the same experiences, it is important that we discuss responsible cannabis behavior. Let’s start with some old school etiquette.

JEFF: There are a couple of cardinal rules of cannabis that are as old as time. One of them is Puff, puff, pass. Yes, I said pass, not give. Despite Chris Tucker’s insistence that Ice Cube puff, puff, give, that phrase has a very declarative feel to it. Kinda like, “Give me that sh-t.” Not a very polite thing to say whether you provided the cannabis or not.

BEX: Puff, puffing before you pass is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, whether you provided the cannabis or not. However, if your smoking circle has quite a few people in it, you might want to ask she who provided it if puff puffing is cool. If it’s not, take a single puff and pass it. Which leads up to the next cardinal rule, “Pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side.”

JEFF: We’ve all heard the song. Released in 1982 by Musical Youth, Pass The Dutchie laid out the Rastafarian custom of passing the “dutchie” or cannabis in a counterclockwise motion or, to the left.  Funny thing is, a dutchie is a Jamaican cooking pot or a Dutch Master blunt. Pass The Dutchie is a reworking of The Mighty Diamonds’ song, “Pass The Kutchie” which is patoi for a container that holds cannabis.

BEX: Another old school, cardinal rule is, “Don’t Bogart”. If someone passes you the dutchie, puff, puff, pass it. Don’t regale us with stories from your life in between hits. All that talking is burning precious cannabis. And when you puff, puff, pass it, don’t pass it covered in spit. No one wants your slobber on their lips, let alone the joint. If you must moisten your lips so the joint won’t stick, do the rest of us a favor and dab your lips on your sleeve after.

JEFF: By the same token, ladies, no lipstick or the like. Cannabis tastes wonderful on its own without tasting grape or green apple Juicy lip gloss. It's the same reason I don't care for flavored rolling papers. Cannabis has a bounty of terpenes that taste great on their own without a strawberry or papaya wrap. Right, Doc?

BEX: Jeff’s making fun of me because I like flavored wraps. However, that’s improper etiquette of him to disclose. It’s perfectly okay to have preferences about your consumption, whether it’s preferring glass to paper for smoking or using only solventless extracts. Something else we don’t want to taste are your germs. If you're sick, do the responsible thing and don’t attend the sesh. We live in times of Covid, y’all. It’s just like staying home from work if you're sick. If you don’t, you put your co-workers at risk of illness.

JEFF: Why don’t we take a moment and let that sink in………..OK. Moment's passed. Why don’t we let our viewers know about the new products we have at Feel State Florissant. We just got a big drop of carts from Heartland Labs. Northern Lights, Grape Ape X Skunk and Lemon Fatso. Heartland also changed some of the vape packaging. Lemon Fatso now comes wrapped in a mylar bag.

BEX: We also have Ratio’s Active pens back in stock. These twenty to one, THC dominant, disposable, rechargeable pens also have a terpene profile of limonene, linalool, alpha pinene, beta-myrcene, beta-pinene and geraniol. Geraniol has effective antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also has a pleasant rose scent and is, itself, a great carrier of scents. So look for manufacturers to start using geraniol in topical products.

JEFF: Three paragraphs back, you heard Doc say “Sesh”. A sesh is two or more people that gather to break bread, pass the dutchie, or share cannabis. Now, sometimes a newbie or a non-smoker is invited to the sesh. Make sure you let them know what is about to go down. If the smell of cannabis is unpleasant to them, they might not want to attend the sesh. If it's your first sesh, have a sesh buddy. That’s a seasoned veteran that is going to have your back and look after you.

BEX: A sesh buddy is also responsible for talking someone off the ledge should they over-consume. That’s why it's important for those who bring cannabis to let everyone know what they are in for. Explain in as great detail as needed the type of chemovar you are about to share. If it's uplifting, announce to those that might deal with anxiety, that microdosing is the best course of action for them.

JEFF: If it's relaxing, make sure the sesh is taking place where there is something soft to sit on. If it's edibles, let them know the milligrams per dose and what kind of effects they might begin to feel after consumption. Myself, I always feel that little tickle in my stomach when things begin to start working. 

BEX: Now, try to be mindful of where the sesh is taking place. If it’s outdoors, it’s best to have a good relationship with your neighbors because the wind can blow in many directions. And since you’re hosting the sesh, make sure you have plenty of snacks and beverages. It's also a good idea to have some CBD on hand in case a guest over medicates. Kleenex, too, in case someone begins coughing uncontrollably.

JEFF: Sounds like Doc is a great hostess. When is the sesh at your house? Let’s see. What are some other cardinal rules of etiquette. How about sharing? There’s a reason the phrase, “A friend with weed is a friend indeed” exists. Not only is it rude not to share your weed, it's downright un-American. By the same token, there’s a reason for the phrase, “Ass, gas or grass. Nobody rides for free.” It’s rude to expect the same person to always bring the goodies. So consider chipping in from time to time.

BEX: Right Jeff. That’s the reason the song, “I Got Five On It” exists. Here’s a great point of etiquette; BYOB. Bring Your Own Bud. And if you're the one that rolled it, you should be the one to spark it. Unless they pass it to you. Even then don’t assume. They may just want you to admire their handiwork.

JEFF: Let’s take a moment to remind our viewers that there’s still time to sign up for our Homegrow Giveaway. 314 Garden Supply and We Grow Medical are giving away a 3X3 tent, an oscillating fan, soil mix and nutrients. You can enter each time you make a purchase. Last day to enter is January 24th.

BEX: And from today until the twenty fourth, with every purchase of more than fifty dollars, you automatically get 500 loyalty points added to your wallet. Every purchase, Jeff?

JEFF: Every purchase, Doc. Why don’t we get back to our topic tonight; cannabis etiquette, inspired and informed by Lizzy Post's book Higher Etiquette. And why don’t we go off script and see what happens.

  • Corner the bowl
  • Always ask if someone wants the roach
  • Missouri is medical, not adult use. Don’t feel like its ok to light up in a public park or on the beach
  • Don’t smoke right in front of a cop
  • Cannabis around kids.
    • Square Grouper documentary - Zion Coptic church and kids openly smoking..
  • Don’t hang with your dealer
  • No peer pressure
  • Keep an eye on the novices
  • Don’t be afraid to decline
  • Don’t throw someone’s homegrown under the bus
  • Talking about being high grows less and less interesting with every additional cannabis consumer.
  • For those that don’t consume cannabis at a sesh, please do not call cannabis consumers “stupid” or the like.
  • Don’’t lick or spittle a canoed joint
  • Can you just show up at a party with an infused dish?
  • The proper way to ash
    • Ash before you pass
  • Proper way use roach weed
    • Don’t add to fresh weed. This is a waste of the good stuff.
    • Don’t grind roach weed to better mix it. You will only stink up your grinder and taint the flavor of every other chemovar you put in your grinder.
  • Be respectful to the newbies. Don’t hit them with the highest Type one chemovar you can find because you might think it's fun. That’s the same as dosing your dog because you think it's funny the way it walks when it's high.
  • Keep your tray clean.
    • Always a good idea to have a bottle of grain alcohol on hand for cleaning duties.
  • If smoking a bong, don’t pass stale smoke. Don’t hold onto the bong while you laugh your lungs out. Pass that shit while the smoke is still good.
  • If you’re at a concert, keep your head on a swivel for that law.
    • Bring an extra joint for your row. Light it, pass it, and don’t expect to get it back.
      • If you are the recipient of a passed joint and prefer not to partake, don’t belittle or be rude to the person who passed it to you.
  • Start low and go slow. Know your tolerance. Don’t try to prove that you are the biggest consumer by consuming a 300mg chocolate bar, washing it down with a medicated beverage, then lighting up a traffic safety sized cone. No one wants to watch you slowly lose your motor functions.
  • If your making edibles at home, make sure to label them
    • Jake dnd story
  • Be respectful of your neighbors
    • Don’t blow smoke towards their property.
  • Don’t pinch without asking
  • Don’t pass an empty bowl. Let the person who packed it know that it is cashed. IF you are able, pack that shit yourself.
  • If you are a newbie, don’t be afraid to ask for help. NO shame in asking how to smoke a joint if you never have before.
  • Don’t eat and toke. No one wants the mustard and ketchup from the bit of burger that is still in your mouth on the end of the joint or pipe.
  • Don’t get your pets high. Just because they have an endocannabinoid system doesn’t give you carte balance to blow smoke in their face or feed them an edible.
    • New puppy/muffin story
  • In these times of covid, those in the most need should always get the first hit in a sesh.
  • If you are concerned about receiving a burning joint or bowl, you can always carry your own stash.
    • Or, light a joint, hit it , pass it, then light a joint for yourself and hang onto it.
    • Or, carry an old time tobacco holder
    • Or, wipe down with isopropyl alcohol wipes.
  • Bring your own munchies/beverages
  • Don’t brush your teeth before consuming an edible or smoking some flower.
  • If your serious about enjoying a flower’s profile, don’t wear strong perfume or cologne
  • If you're serious about enjoying an edible’s flavors, don’t brush your teeth first.
  • If you are a guest in a dispensary, understand you are a passive observer. Don’t ask your friend if they can buy a certain product or say, “I can’t wait to try this when we get back.” You are not the patient. Not only can you get yourself and your friend banned from a dispensary, you can get the dispensary in trouble with the state and put their license at risk. I you are concerned about containing your enthusiasm in a dispensary, do all concerned a favor and stay at home.

Questions from the Audience

  • Is it rude to refuse a joint?
  • Is it good etiquette to share cannabis in times of Covid?

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