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Reminiscing About a Community Treasure

Reminiscing about a community treasure with Dave Blum and Bryan Bedwell, Co-founders of SK8 Liborius, The Feels S5E4

,  December 14, 2023  Written by Feel State
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The night of June 28, 2023 is one that Dave Blum and Bryan Bedwell, co-founders of SK8 Liborius, will never forget as a fire destroyed the place that meant so much to them and countless others. In this episode, we get a behind the scenes look at the damage and chat with them about what happened along with their future plans for the community.  

Here's an outline of what Dave, Bryan, and Jeff discuss during this episode:

0:00 Welcome and Introduction

0:17 Who are Gold Rush Extracts?

0:49 Introducing Dave Blum and Bryan Bedwell, Co-founders of SK8 Liborius

1:10 Reliving the night of the fire

3:04 The response of the skating community

4:05 A loss to the City of St. Louis

6:46 Show of support from people all across the world

7:36 The connection between skating and cannabis

9:53 Embracing the cannabis community

11:31 Dave and Bryan’s first experience with cannabis

11:56 Has cannabis influenced their skating?

12:39 The vision for the next skate park 

14:10 What can be saved from the building?

15:01 Brainstorming designs with the community

16:55 Motivation for moving forward

18:43 Thank you to our sponsors

19:05 Connect with Dave and Bryan to learn more or donate

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Thanks to our sponsors: 

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Humble Reign

Thanks to Sean Greene Videography, and Soular Designs for producing this video!

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