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Patient Interview: How Cannabis Helps Tiffany's MS

 January 07, 2022  Written by David Melnick
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Feel State Florissant budtender Dr. Bex interviews Missouri Medical Cannabis patient Tiffany about how cannabis medicine has helped relieve her MS symptoms.

Read the transcript:

Dr. Bex: Hello, my name is Dr. Bex and I am here in the patient consultation room with Miss Tiffany. Today we will be discussing cannabis questions related to Tiffany.

Tiffany: I used to be a corrections officer and probation parole officer. I was diagnosed with MS in 2015. And basically flipped my life upside down.

Dr. Bex: But was your first time consuming like?

Tiffany: I was nervous because I hadn't smoked before. I got asthma and I didn't know what to expect. So when I did it, I was just kind of like, "Oh, okay." And my legs — I normally can't feel my legs because they're numb from MS. But I was like, I just I don't know, it feels like a miracle to me.

Dr. Bex: How did you figure out your optimal dose?

Tiffany: Research and just trying little bits here and there. Not just doing a lot at one time. I would not tell anybody just to go all in; try light and small doses.

Dr. Bex: Are you concerned about family or friends knowing that you use cannabis medicinally?

Tiffany: I was at first. And now I think it's just my body and if you don't like it, I mean, I have to feel good and live my life.

Dr. Bex: What medicine were you taking before cannabis that you were able to stop taking?

Tiffany: Ambien, Tizanidine for muscle spasms. I have tons of medication because I have MS so I have like big boxes of medications. They give you a medication, you have a side effect, then they give you another medication for the side effect and it just kind of trickles on down. Dr.

Bex: How has cannabis changed your life? Final question.

Tiffany: I'm actually able to get up and have a productive life, but I feel like because I'm able to get sleep. And that was like a main thing for me. I have insomnia really bad and I cannot sleep. So that just was messing up my whole routine.

Dr. Bex: Well thank you for your time with me today and I will hope that your cannabis journey only continues great.

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