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Making the World a Better Place through Music

Making the World a Better Place through Music with the band DOUG, The Feels S5E1

,  November 02, 2023  Written by Feel State
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We are kicking off season five with a very special episode featuring the amazingly talented St. Louis music group, DOUG! Learn about this tremendous collection of individuals who together are doing what they can to make the world a better place through the art of sound and word.

Here's an outline of what DOUG  and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:15 Who is Robust?
  • 0:44 Introducing Doug 
  • 0:57 How did the members of DOUGmeet?
  • 1:40 What type of music does DOUG create? 
  • 2:16 The meaning of DOUG
  • 3:15 How St. Louis has influenced the band
  • 4:24 Incorporating live instruments into the music
  • 5:25 How DOUG works as a team
  • 6:20 Does cannabis play a role in the creative process? 
  • 7:01 The influence of cannabis on the music
  • 8:06 Navigating the music scene for those who don’t consume 
  • 9:04 How difficult is it to get everyone together?
  • 10:00 The process of building a fan base
  • 11:06 How DOUG created a music video
  • 13:02 What can people expect from a DOUG performance?
  • 14:03 Get some DOUG gear
  • 14:16 Coming soon from DOUG
  • 15:26 The amazing people of DOUG
  • 15:29 Gram Tolish (IG: @gramtolish)
  • 15:47 Big Papa O (IG: @owen_ragland_music)
  • 16:10 Che Sanchez (IG: @chesanz_)
  • 16:34 Wasly (IG: @waslyworld)
  • 17:10 Poet X (IG: @poetxyzzz)
  • 17:40 Donovan RaMan (IG: @dadamndon1)
  • 18:14 Foundation Felix (IG: @foundationfelix)
  • 18:43 Planiel (IG: @planiel_mudd)
  • 18:59 Dogtown Athletic Club (IG: @dogtownathleticclub)
  • 19:21 Mickey Hayes (IG: @mickey.hayes)
  • 19:40 Time to DOUG!!!
  • 23:28 Thank you to the sponsors

You can now listen to The Feels on major podcast platforms!

That's right! If you prefer to listen to this episode, head over to Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Amazon Music to tune into our show.

Connect with DOUG on their website at or via Instagram at dougmorestl

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Thanks to our sponsors: 

Robust Cannabis

Humble Reign

The Trimmer Store


Thanks to Sean Greene Videography, Soular Designs, and Nick Pride for producing this video!

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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