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Making the Most of Your Dispensary Visit

,  January 14, 2022  Written by Jeff Rowse
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Today is the day - you’ve decided cannabis is right for you! You’ve gone through the process of getting your medical card (if your state requires one), and now you are ready to shop. However, this isn’t like going to a chain pharmacy or grocery store and picking up a prescription. Visiting a dispensary requires a little work ahead of time, but if you follow these steps you will find your experience to be a pleasant one (or at least we hope!). 


- Choose your dispensary wisely and find one that you would feel comfortable visiting.

- Hit the dispensary website to see what they have to offer. This can save you time in the dispensary, but don’t be afraid to ask questions once you are there!

- Think about what kind of an experience you are looking to have beyond the whole indica/sativa/hybrid paradigm. It will help your budtender help you choose the right product, whether it be for a sedentary experience or symptomatic relief.

- Have an idea how you want to consume ahead of time. The choices in products can sometimes be overwhelming. Knowing your preferences - flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc. - will help you make your choice when you get to the dispensary.

- Make sure you have the necessary equipment to consume the products you choose. There’s nothing worse than buying an eighth of some beautiful flower and getting home only to discover your grinder went on walkabout.

- Find out how your dispensary accepts payment. Some are cash only while others also accept debit cards. You probably won’t find a dispensary that accepts credit cards due to federal banking regulations.

- Make sure you have your state issued id and medical card (if required). In Missouri, it is incumbent on the patient to print out their own medical card. Make sure you’ve visited to print your card out today. 


- Now that you’ve successfully pre-gamed, it’s time to head to your local dispensary.

- Once you arrive, check your surroundings. Some dispensaries have private parking lots. Others have metered street parking. If there is security in the parking lot, you can ask them as to the correct place to park and where the entrance to the dispensary is.

- After entering, it's time to check in. Have your state issued id and medical card (if required) in hand. If it is your first time, make sure to ask if there is a rewards program you can sign up for. If you pre-ordered, find out if there is a separate check-in process.

- Once you’ve checked in, practice your patience. Some dispensaries are incredibly busy when you get there and you may have to take advantage of the dispensary’s comfortable waiting area. Don’t be afraid to ask where the restrooms are or to ask for a beverage. 

- When it is your turn, let the budtender know the experience you are looking to have. Since THC isn’t everything, we advise against saying something along the lines of “give me the highest percentage THC product you have.” Rather, it may be more beneficial to start with “I’m looking for something to provide relief for the ___ and ___ I am suffering from.”

- Let the budtender know if you have any adverse reactions to cannabis or are allergic to any ingredients that might be found in an edible. Don't be afraid to ask your budtender what’s what. The only way to learn is to ask!

- Ask if the product can be smelt or at the very least, seen under a light or magnifying glass.

- Don’t be intimidated by stain names. They are merely marketing terms meant to be clever.

- Don’t feel pressured to buy things. You are there for products that work for you.

- Do tip your budtender. Many of them went back to school to learn the knowledge they are passing along to you for free.


- Double check your order to make sure everything was included. This is especially important for pre-orders as cannabis products generally cannot be returned. Also, make sure the budtender provides you a receipt just in case you need to provide proof of a legal purchase.

- Place your purchase in your trunk or other area of your vehicle that will prevent temptation. The state of Missouri doesn’t require it, but if you get pulled over and the officer asks you if you have any cannabis in the car, you can say yes if you want. However, be sure to then quote Jay-Z by saying, “Well my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back. And I know my rights so you goin' need a warrant for that.” Yes, you can feel sharp as a tack. (Please note that we are not licensed attorneys so none of the above should be taken as real legal advice - that belongs to the professionals! We’re just here to try to ensure everyone stays safe when it comes to their cannabis experience.)

- When you get home, take your booty out of the boot and head to that place most comfortable.

- Finally, conduct the ritual that brings relief!

If you have any questions about cannabis, the Missouri medical cannabis program, how to obtain a card, or any of the products we carry here at Feel State, please reach out to me at

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