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How to Roll the Perfect Joint with Justin Bricker, Owner of Handwraps, The Feels S4E5

,  May 16, 2023  Written by Feel State
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Rolling the perfect joint is an art form — and like all great art, your materials can make or break your masterpiece. In this episode of The Feels, our host Jeff Rowse talks with Justin Bricker about his cannabis journey, what led him to begin his own rolling paper company, Handwraps, and the problems he aims to solve with his business. 

Here's an outline of what Justin and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:17 Who is Robust Cannabis?
  • 1:34 Who taught you how to use your first joint?
  • 3:46 What made you want to start a rolling paper company?
  • 5:35 The problem with rolling papers
  • 8:32 Where do you source your rolling papers?
  • 11:38 What makes Handwraps papers different from RAW papers?
  • 12:35 What are your goals with Handwraps?
  • 14:56 How has cannabis helped you with Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts coaching?
  • 17:01 How do you roll a joint? A demonstration
  • 20:57 What’s the most complicated joint you’ve ever rolled?
  • 22:02 How much did you research the history of rolling papers before starting Handwraps?
  • 23:58 Why is smoking better than vaporizing cannabis?

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Recording studio:

Thanks to Sean Greene Videography and Kristen Williams Designs for producing this video!

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