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How Ice & Water Makes Fire Rosin with Joe Kelly, Extraction Manager at VIBE Cannabis, The Feels S4E3

 May 02, 2023  Written by Feel State
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We’ve heard rosin is made with just ice and water, but what does that process actually look like? In this episode of The Feels, Joe Kelly, Extraction Manager at VIBE Cannabis, walks us through what makes good hash, how VIBE creates their hash rosin, and how they ensure consistent and impeccable product quality across batches.

Here's an outline of what Joe and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:17 Who is Elitist Urban Agriculture?
  • 1:10 When did you enter the cannabis industry? 
  • 1:49 What kind of experience do you need to become a cannabis extractor? 
  • 2:40 What Colorado experiences have you brought to Missouri?
  • 3:19 How do you build a good lab extraction team? 
  • 3:52 How should people learn more about working in cannabis? 
  • 4:12 What are your responsibilities as the VIBE lab manager?
  • 5:00 How often do you have to tweak the machine settings?
  • 5:33 What extraction method does VIBE use? 
  • 6:04 What kind of equipment do you use for creating rosin? 
  • 6:40 How do you make hash at VIBE?
  • 9:15 How do you turn hash into rosin?
  • 10:10 How do you control the quality of your rosin?
  • 11:04 What’s your favorite form of cannabis consumption?
  • 11:42 Do you think potency levels will eventually be limited in Missouri? 
  • 13:01 How do you educate people about potency levels? 
  • 14:19 What products does VIBE offer right now?
  • 14:51 How do you ensure product quality at VIBE? 
  • 15:57 How do you describe the difference between flower and concentrate effects? 
  • 16:47 What new products is VIBE working on?


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