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Having a Nose for the Science of Smell

Having a nose for the science of smell with Dr. Adie Rae, Assistant Scientist at Legacy Research Institute, The Feels S5E3

,  November 30, 2023  Written by Feel State
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In spite of the many regulatory hurdles, there is currently meaningful cannabis related research being done in the US. Dr. Adie Rae, Assistant Scientist at Legacy Research Institute masterfully explains how her work is helping to uncover the significant role that aroma plays in the enjoyment one might get from their experience with cannabis.  

Here's an outline of what Dr. Rae and Jeff discuss during this episode:

0:55 Introducing Dr. Adie Rae, Assistant Scientist at Legacy Research Institute

1:19 What are subjective effects?

1:59 Creating a scientific study based on the real world

3:54 How products were selected for testing

5:10 Analyzing the results of the study

7:02 Why was it shown that consuming less is more appealing? 

8:18 Influencing the public health perception

9:47 There’s more to aroma than just terpenes 

12:15 Busting a common industry myth

12:55 How can aroma assessment standards be implemented

14:46 Getting policy makers and industry players to work together 

16:14 Challenges of analyzing cannabis compounds on effects

18:54 The usefulness of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid classifications

20:47 Looking to the future of cannabis research

24:27 Thank you to our sponsors

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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