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Creating a Feel State

[Greenway] Creating a Feel State

 April 17, 2021  Written by Kristen Williams
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For over two years David Melnick, Corey Rimmel, and Mitch Greene have dedicated themselves to turning Missouri into a Feel State. The trio has devoted time and resources to education, community outreach, and advocating for inclusion in the cannabis industry as a whole and Missouri’s medical marijuana space in particular.

“One of our primary goals, when we started out over two years ago, was to create a dispensary brand that would be a reflection of our collective personal beliefs,” Melnick said. “For us, it was, and still very much is, important to create, build, and act in a way that our family and friends would be proud of and have that live through the name. It is why we prominently feature our four key core values on the homepage of the website: Community, Supportive, Education, and Consistent. They serve as constant reminders of why we started this company and what we must continue to work towards each and every day.”

Brandon Dunn, Greenway Magazine

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