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Feel State KC Supports Blue Valley Industries

 March 14, 2022  Written by Feel State
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We are excited to introduce you to Feel State Kansas City's neighbor, Blue Valley Industries!

Blue Valley Industries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit just down the road from Feel State KC at 1608 Prospect Ave. Blue Valley provides employment services to adults who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Persons working with Blue Valley may work within the Prospect center, in community businesses, or simply choose the organization to help them further their dreams by helping them find the right job for them…wherever that may be.
Blue Valley's mission is “To provide employment, training and access to support services for adults with disabilities, while enhancing their dignity, encouraging independence, maximizing opportunities and fostering community integration.”

How Feel State Kansas City and Blue Valley Industries Met

Feel State Kansas City first connected with Blue Valley Industries when two Feel State team members were exploring the neighborhood. The curious pair walked in without any expectations and were met with a warm welcome from Blue Valley's Director, Brian, who took time out of his day to give an unscheduled tour of their impressive operation.

At Feel State, we feel passionately about supporting our community and connecting through cannabis. The Feel State Kansas City team will be donating 20% of all their tips to Blue Valley Industries, who has shared that they will put 100% of all our donations toward their December 2022 holiday event to celebrate all the people who participated in their services throughout the year.

Click here to learn more about Blue Valley Industries and get involved!

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