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Common Cannabis Accessories

,  December 02, 2019  Written by Mitch Greene
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Similar to the wide variety of ways in which cannabis can be consumed, there are also many different accessories and devices that exist to assist in helping one have a positive experience with cannabis. As always, it is important to remember that there is no "best" way to consume your medicine and what works for one patient might not actually work best for you. Should you have questions, it is important to ask the dispensary staff. They are there to guide you through this personal process and provide any information you may need. When in doubt, experiment, document, learn and implement the low and slow method.

The following list highlights just a few of the hundreds of ancillary cannabis accessories that exist to enhance your experience.  

Dry Pipes

Spoon Bowl

A very common accessory for beginners and experienced users. Dried flower is packed into the bowl and a flame is placed directly on the herb. With a finger covering the carb (the hole on the side), one can inhale the smoke into the chamber before removing their finger and inhaling additional smoke. 

Taster Pipe

Typically used to sample or micro dose a small amount of dried flower. Broken down cannabis is placed into the bowl and a flame is directly applied to the herb. Unlike the bowl, the taster pipe has no carb to cover, so the smoke is inhaled directly.

Genius Pipe

Simply slide the top piece forward exposing the bowl. Place the herb inside and light it directly. Hidden inside a Genius Pipe is a dimple design that creates millions of micro vortices with every breath. These vortices act as a filter that cleans and cools the smoke without the use of water. 


Water Pipes

Bong or Bubbler

Composed of three major parts, the base, down-stem, and bowl. The base is filled with water until it just covers the holes of the down-stem. Dried herb is placed into the bowl piece, which is then inserted into the down-stem. The flower is light and smoke is inhaled into the base before removing the bowl piece and inhaling the remaining smoke.



Pax Era

Used with the Pax Era Pods, the Era allows for easy loading of oil cartridges and control over the vaporizing experience, including micro-dosing.

Pax 3 

The Pax 3 is both a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. Either dry flower or concentrate can be packed into the chamber of the device located on the bottom. One can then adjust the vaporizing temperature and enjoy the setting they prefer.


PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak is a great alternative to traditional dab rigs. Water is placed into the chamber and the Peak is set to the desired temperature. The concentrate is placed into the bowl before heating up and putting the carb cap over the bowl. As the Peak heats up, one can begin to inhale the vapors until the concentrate is used. After each dab, is it important to clean with a cotton swab to maintain the quality of the taste for dabs in the future. 

PuffCo Plus

The PuffCo Plus is an excellent concentrate pen with multiple heat settings and easy to use features. Simply load the concentrate into the chamber, pick you heat setting and go! The coil-less design keeps things clean and easy to use.



Rolling Papers

Rolling paper are used to roll a joint. Rolling the perfect joint takes time, but having many different paper and filter options can help. It is recommended to experiment with different papers to find which work best for you and to be patient when first learning. 

Re-Stash Jars

Re-Stash jars are an effective way to store dried cannabis. The jar includes a mason jar, silicone koozie, and child proof lid. 


Hemp Wick 

Hemp wick is a great alternative to smoking using a traditional lighter. Instead of igniting the herb with a flame, one insteads lights the hemp wick which keeps a small flame that can be used. The major benefit of hemp wick is that no chemicals from a lighter are inhaled.   




Herb grinders traditionally come in two or four pieces. With a two-piece grinder, simply place the herb in between the two pieces and grind until desired. When using a four-piece grinder, place the herb between the two top pieces and grind until the herb has fallen through to the middle section. Then open the middle section to expose the herb, which can then be emptied out for use. The bottom section is a kief collector, which is used to capture dried resin glands as they fall off the dried material. This kief can be collected and stored for later use.   


Gold Leaf Patient Journal

The Gold Leaf Patient Journal is a notebook designed specifically for medical cannabis patients to accurately chart all of the important factors related to their experiences.  This information can be shared with their caregiver and/or to help refine their own regimen.  

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