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4 Tips for Cannabis Safety

 September 14, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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Consuming cannabis can be of tremendous benefit to many individuals. However, it is also important to recognize potential safety hazards, adverse side effects, or unintended consequences that may occur with consumption.  


1. Ensure Proper Cannabis Storage

When a consumer purchases weed from a legally operating dispensary, it must come in child and tamper-proof packaging. Nevertheless, this packaging alone may not prevent a minor from being able to gain access.

It is of utmost importance that all cannabis products are kept away from children in a secured location and away from non-cannabis food products (especially as it relates to edibles).

2. Be Aware of Potential Side Effects

While many consumers experience no adverse side effects from cannabis, the potential exists for them to occur for a variety of reasons based on someone’s unique physiological makeup. Possible harms include, but are not limited to: anxiety, high/low blood pressure, lightheadedness, drowsiness, weight gain, cognitive impairment, and/or other mental or physical disorders.

3. Identify Signs of Abuse

As with other substances, there exists the chance that an individual may begin to abuse cannabis. While the goal is to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right tools to consume cannabis responsibly, it is important to review a few signs of abuse to be aware of. Items such as neglecting responsibilities, taking unnecessary risks while under the influence of cannabis, getting into legal trouble, and worsening personal relationships may indicate a problem exists.

4. Seek Help When Needed

If an individual (or those around them) believes there is a problem (small or large), please seek the appropriate help immediately. Whether it be taking a break, stopping consumption entirely, or some other form of assistance, do not let the situation get worse. It should be noted that weed, like other substances, may result in a psychological dependence. 

Learn More

There are plenty of resources available to ensure individuals are able to maintain a happy and healthy life. For more information and additional resources, a good place to visit is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s website.

Please note that this blog is not to be considered medical advice. Always consult your physician for more information and/or questions related to your specific medical history.

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