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Cannabis Care is Still Healthcare

, ,  September 06, 2022  Written by Kim Hall
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I’ve been a registered nurse for 16 years throughout the Kansas City area. During that time, I have worked in countless areas from medical surgery units to postpartum/wellborn nurseries and NICU’s to long term acute care (just to name a few). For a time I was even a traveling nurse.

All my years have taught me that nursing has its good side, but unfortunately a bad side, as well. From new life coming earth-side to holding a patient's hand as they take their last breath, I’ve seen it all. Transitioning from a hospital setting into the cannabis industry has not been easy for me. The stigma is STILL out there, even with the legalization of medical cannabis in Missouri.

When I look back on my career as an RN, I realize just how much I have witnessed and was involved with. All of this has not only affected me physically and also MENTALLY. Let me just say it really took a toll on me and my loved ones. I WAS BURNT OUT. Point blank. I was always depressed, sad, angry, and all of the other negative emotions a normal person would feel plus the dread of going to work knowing what I might encounter next. I thought it was ME! However, I have since come to realize that I was stuck in a “situational depression” for 16 years. I’m proud I lasted as long as I did and forever grateful for the experiences and the knowledge I gained while being a “bedside nurse”.

Medical cannabis has become a part of my life to help alleviate the bone spurs and herniated disc in my neck, severe nerve pain, sciatica, depression, and anxiety. Not having to be on any narcotics has been life-changing. Cannabis has helped me stay active, healthy, pain-free, and HAPPY!

I am okay and happy about my transition to a cannabis nurse during my time of reflection. It has always been a dream of mine since I started my nursing career in 2006. Progress is being made everyday within the cannabis Industry. The freedom to choose how WE want to treat our ailments is finally in the forefront.

The opportunity to help our Feel State family fulfill an active, healthy, pain-free, and HAPPY life excites me. You only have one life to live and you are in the driver seat. Reach for those goals and dreams that you have been longing for. Live your life to your fullest potential, but remember to stop and enjoy that precious flower that has changed your life.

My name is Kim and I’m proud and happy to be the Cannabis Nurse at Feel State KC.

Current favorite strains:

- Gummiez (Strane)

- Gary Payton x Jealousy (Vertical)

- Cap’s Frozen Lemonade (Strane)

- Lemon Skunk (In The Flow)

- Tiger’s Milk (Proper)

Fun facts about me:

- Concert Junkie

- Met several celebrities (like Justin Bieber)

- Love traveling

- Mom of 2 teenagers

Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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