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Building Our Brand Identity

 April 13, 2021  Written by David Melnick
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We get a lot of questions about how we landed on the name Feel State. But before we get to that answer, let’s take a few steps back. 

One of our primary goals when we started out over two years ago was to create a dispensary brand that would be a reflection of our personal beliefs as well as stand out from an overall design and aesthetic perspective.

For us, it was (and still very much is) important to create, build, and act in a way that our family and friends would be proud of and have that live through the name. It is why we prominently feature our four key core values on the homepage of the website: Community, Supportive, Education, and Consistent. They serve as constant reminders of why we started this company and what we must continue to work towards each and every day. 

It’s why when it comes to our interactions and engagement (whether it be through social media, podcasts, presentations, you name it), we do our best to always ensure we are delivering at least one of those values no matter what. Furthermore, it’s why we are strong advocates for helping as many people as we can and having any success we achieve be derived from the success of others. Finally, it’s why we like to talk about how cannabis can be used as a tool to help better connect individuals to themselves as well as to what’s going on around them in the moment (akin to the concept of flow and flow state - a favorite topic for another day).

Now, to the answer you might have been waiting for…! Truth be told, a good and very talented friend of ours was the one that came up with the name based on our collective understanding of how we wanted to position ourselves as people, a company, and a brand. We love the name and we are forever grateful to have it and it’s our continued push to embody those core values that will help Feel State resonate for years to come! 

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