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Budtender Recommendations: Cannabis for the Holiday Season - 2023 Roundup

, ,  November 20, 2023  Written by Kristen Williams
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The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, but they can be especially challenging for those of us who are navigating how to get the relief we need while in the company of people who may not understand our medicine.

Our Budtenders Shared their Recommendations for the Best Cannabis Products to Use at Holiday Gatherings

Disclaimer: The information in this post is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical products.

Budtender Recommendations

Photo courtesy of Honeybee

For Discreet Dosing:

Kaeson J. recommends Honeybee Edibles: "They come in a 20pk which makes them 5mg each.

Bri recommends Vivid's 2:1 Morning Mint Tincture: "I recommend tinctures because you can't smell it, you can accurately dose yourself small if needed because it has the measurements on the syringe. No smell, barely a taste, but an amazing feeling!"

The Professor recommends AIRO brand live products: "They are incredibly flavorful, and the battery requires no button pressing. Simply take a drag and pocket the battery."

KeyKey recommends Panda Gummies: "Great for discreetly dosing, especially if you want to micro-dose without the hassle of cutting edibles in pieces."

Allysa recommends Blue Raspberry 1:1 by Sweet Stone: "Discreet packaging and no one suspects candy."

Rashanda recommends Squeeze drinks: "They can go in any drink, no smell and minimal taste."

Jess C. recommends Strawberry Lemonade Squeeze by SELECT: "It looks like MIYO, so no one will bat an eye. You can add to your favorite drink and the bottle makes dosing guess free."

Lee recommends Ratio vapes or Packwoods vapes: "They look like standard vapes and lack potent smell."

Chiefloud recommends Smokiez or Sweet Stone: "They're just like candy - no smell."

Nikko recommends vapes "since they don't smell as much as flower, or mints like Ratio from Proper."

Kimberlee recommends Ratio mints: "When you suck on it you get the effects a lot faster then eating an edible. It kicks in almost immediately. Anytime I have a flight to catch I pop one in my mouth and let the anxiety melt away."

Image courtesy of Robust

For Lightening the Collective Mood:

Kimberlee recommends "A pre-roll! Any time me and my husband have serious convos we light up a spliff and communicate our needs/wants out of each other."

Kaeson J. recommends Elevate's White Poison: "A great happy sativa strain."

Nick recommends Keef sodas: "They are very accessible for those not used to the delayed effects of a normal edible. The rapid onset of the buzz and the ability to tweak the dose is the highlight for me."

Bri recommends Robust's Heavenly Sativa: "It makes me overall happy when I consume, it will definitely brighten your mood!"

The Professor recommends Honeybee's Toasted Coconut and Sea Salt 100mg chocolate bar: "Great tasting, balanced products always help forced family fun seem less forced."

KeyKey recommends Robust's Orange Runtz: "It will for sure lighten up any mood; it's mellow and brings harmony to any mood."

Allysa recommends Lucinda Williams pre-roll by Clover: "Sharing a joint always lightens the mood."

Rashanda recommends baked goodies like our Kizmet Chocolate Graham Crackers: "Great to share and taste. As well as it is not overwhelming for family new to cannabis."

Jess C. recommends Finnish Frost by Robust or Packs Cannabis: "The mid-level THC content is the perfect combination with terpenes to lighten any mood and get you in a fun, creative mood. Not much can harsh your vibe with this strain. You will be the life of the party in a good, chill way."

Chiefloud recommends Kush Mintz and Whipz by Robust: "They're happy and calming."

Nikko recommends "Cracking open a cannabis beverage, or a fast acting nano gummy. Both are edibles with a quicker uptake time. Seshing a tasty, giggly strain like Trop Cherry from Vivid can be helpful as well."

Image courtesy of Robust

For Managing Social Anxiety:

Nick and Steph both recommend Robust's Orange Runtz: "As a consummate smoker who needs to mask his social anxiety daily I find the citrus like taste relaxing, the addition of a cheesy hue gives it a funky finish on the exhale. Seems to me that the Beta Caryophyllene in this one is it’s secret to success," Nick said. Steph says, "Fave in taste and head high effect."

Kimberlee recommends Robust or Vibe Rosin: They're "most organic and a little goes a long way. You get to experience the terp profile and really dig into those that potentially help with anxiety."

Bri recommends Gron's 1:1 Blue Razz Mega Pearl: "It helps me personally with anxiety as a whole, and works even better to put you in a better, talking mood!" Kaeson J. recommends this too; he says the "Blue Razz Mega Pearl always put me in a outgoing mood."

The Professor recommends Robust's Finnish Frost: "The b-caryophyllene interacts with our CB2 receptors, helping reduce stress. Also, limonene is a known analgesic."

KeyKey highly recommends Elevate's "Keke on the cruise" it puts you in a happy bubbly uplifting mood. Be ready to giggle and become chatty. 😉"

Allysa recommends Gas Cake by Vivid: "Its a super relaxing indica and also a mood booster."

Rashanda recommends Gron's Lemonade Mega Pearl: "It makes me feel relaxed and talkative."

Jess C. recommends the 50mg FECO Transdermal Patch by Heartland: "It doesn't take you out of your element because it's a 12-hour delayed release patch. It helps negate the big emotions and mellows me out right where I need to be."

Chiefloud recommends Florida Kush from Vivid: "Uplifting mood, smooth and calming all at once."

Nikko recommends 1:1 THC:CBD edibles: "Adjust for higher ratio of CBD if needed. Flower and vapes with this ratio are nice too but tough to find."

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