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A new approach to healthcare with April Hatch, MSN, RN, Co-founder of Cannabis Care Team, The Feels S5E5

,  January 04, 2024  Written by Feel State
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After years of working in traditional healthcare, the needs of her family led April Hatch, MSN, RN, Co-founder of Cannabis Care Team to explore alternative treatment options in the form of cannabis. Now, she is utilizing her immense knowledge to help educate countless individuals and cannabis industry workers about the potential benefits of this amazing plant!    

Here's an outline of what April and Jeff discuss during this episode:

0:00 Welcome and introduction

0:19 Who is Teal Cannabis?

0:56 Introducing April Hatch, MSN, RN - Co-founder Cannabis Care Team

1:15 April’s background in healthcare

1:39 What led to cannabis?

2:42 The creation of Cannabis Care Team

3:53 Helping to teach others about the plant

6:53 Creating a connection between budtenders and customers

7:48 Learning from challenging experiences

12:00 Advocating for more than just THC

12:35 The benefits of CBG 

13:53 Diving into how CBD might help individuals

15:05 Concerns with synthetic cannabinoids

16:08 Importance of whole plant medicine

16:38 Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness

18:10 Effectively utilizing available cannabis research

19:17 Educational challenges in the industry

20:27 Impact of new potential quality standards

21:25 Cannabis Care Team’s patient education materials

24:14 The exciting future of cannabis nursing

26:46 Thank you to our sponsors

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Connect with April on Instagram (educationbeforemedication), Facebook (careteamnurses), LinkedIn (Cannabis Care Team) or online.

Thanks to Sean Greene Videography, and Soular Designs for producing this video!

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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