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A Day In The Life Of A Budtender

, ,  August 04, 2021  Written by Jeff Rowse
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I initially started this post as a breakdown of my morning activities, but who wants to read about chai tea, SportsCenter, and personal hygiene. (If you're really that curious, drop me a line at I will say that part of my morning ritual is medication, usually including what was left on the tray from last night, a freshly ground uplifting nugg, and the last of my chai. Sufficiently stimulated and medicated, my day can properly begin.

It's a bit of a hike to my dispensary. Forty minutes on a particularly poor highway that can’t decide if it wants to be made of concrete or asphalt. I don’t mind the drive though. When I used to live in Maine, it took a half hour to get out of the woods to a main road, so a straight shot on the highway allows me plenty of time with my own thoughts. It’s a nice change of pace from the backroads of Maine, where your thoughts would be firmly on avoiding the deer that had little regard for heavy machinery on wheels or the rules of the road.

One of the things I love about my job is that I know what I’m doing when I get there. A very important part of dispensary operations is the creation of multiple SOP’s, or standard operating procedures. SOP’s leave nothing to chance and provide written roadmaps for things like how to open and close the establishment. After I clock in and complete the opening SOP, it's time to get busy.

Things are a little different here at Feel State, not only in that we are a cannabis company, but that we are a media company, as well. We are constantly making blog posts, videos, and other fun pieces of content. That means I’m always asking patients if they would like to do an on camera interview. Many say no - after all, public speaking is the number one fear for 75% of people on the planet - but there are those that say yes. They often say yes because they share the common belief that the more we share our stories, the more we lessen the stigma surrounding cannabis.

I also give personal cannabis consultations. Often, we interact with inexperienced patients, patients that had experience but would like to reacquaint themselves with cannabis, or guests of patients that have a limited knowledge about cannabis but would like to know more. These consultations are either 15 or 30 minutes and can be done onsite here at our dispensary, or they can be done remotely in the privacy of your own home, car, or wherever you and your cell phone can find a cozy corner. Oh yeah. These consultations are free, too!

We take patient education seriously here at Feel State. What other dispensary in Missouri allows you to download a FREE Personal Guidebook that covers topics like the endocannabinoid system, bi-phasic dosing, and the redefining of the indica/sativa/hybrid paradigm?

If I’m not interviewing patients or conducting cannabis consultations, you can find me in the Phishbowl, our patient check in station. We call it the Phishbowl because three of the five walls have glass, and if state law permitted, I could enclose myself and hotbox the joint. If I’m not in the Phishbowl, I’m in the budroom helping guide our patients in choosing the kinds of cannabis that will best provide them relief.

Well, that about covers it. A day in the life of a budtender. This budtender anyways. If you have a day in the life of a budtender story you would like to share, email me at

Disclaimer: The information presented here is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of specific medical products.

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